A few favourite links


The next five days' weather in London
The next five days' weather in Reigate
The next five days' weather in Epsom
The next five days' weather in Sheringham
The next five days' weather in Caernarfon
The next five days' weather in Seaford
The next five days' weather in Seattle, USA
The next five days' weather in Brescia, Italy
Newhaven webcam
Newhaven current weather
Sheringham webcam
Llanberis webcam
Riva del Garda webcam
32 Lake Garda webcams
Another Lake Garda webcam
Live Riva del Garda weather
More live Riva del Garda weather


Satyalila's website
Jasmine Norman's blog
AJ's faith and religious thinking blog

Techie news

Tom Raggett's blog
Joel On Software


Digital Photography Review (best digital camera review site on the web)
Rob Galbraith's photo site
DC Resource
Fred Miranda's photo site


Empeg/Rio Car and Rio Receiver bbs
Geodesy GPS speed camera detector


Scoobynet BBS
Subaru Impreza Drivers' Club
Ultima Sports (the kit car I hope to build one day)
Stig's Ultima Canam build diary
Trafficmaster motorway and A road queue information
Traffic England details of motorway and A road accidents/hold-ups
Traffic England data presented a different way including weather data)
Impreza technical details


UK Nova
ISO Hunt
TV Torrents
Pirate Bay


MSDN DHTML Reference

Usenet news groups (on Google)


Friends and Families Websites

Gigajam, the music tuition company that Iain works for
Earthware, Brian's new company
Riverweb, the web design company that both Iain and Brian have worked for
teknohippy.net, Iain's blog
Noble Restoration, Del's restoration company

Programming sites

Michael Kaplan's Unicode blog


DIY Fix It