The Buzzez Recent History.

A long time ago, in a forum far, far away...

Episode XII: Infiltration of the Bunnies

A mutiny occurred in the once peaceful place that is Buzzez led by the evil rebel comander, Hopbunny. He believed that we should have come out from the shadows and integrated fully with BaT, others believed we should stay lurking in the darkness. At the time it seemed pertinent to address the issues caused by the then proximity to BaT and that at least some sort of explanation should be given to the BaT unwashed. It was also seen as a opportunity to explain some of the acronyms that Buzzers tend to use without even realising it.

So, what the hell is Buzzez anyway?

First a brief history lesson:

Back in the heady days before affordable trackdays and fish 'n' chip runs there was a usenet newsgroup called (a.c.l.). This was populated mainly by Speccy I.T. Twats (SITTs) who discovered the Lotus Elise when it first came into being and knew it was good.

People met outside acl and friendships were formed. From this a small group decided to do a run to a fish and chip shop, little did they know what they had started. Another group started to hire large expanses of tarmac from local farmers and in doing so discovering the ancient art of gooning. In this early time, probably the year of the sheep, woolly chicanes were commonplace, farmers screamed "giiiit orff my laaaaand!" and participants revelled in cheap goonage.

The popularity of these events exploded. F&C runs became massively over subscribed and farmers started to realise that there was money to be made from these nutters with expensive cars. From this a small trackday company was formed offering affordable airfield and trackdays to the masses and the rest is history.

As for acl, three distinct groups had formed: The F&Cers, the Trackday addicts and the GJOB's (Garage Jewellry Owning Bastards) for whom polishing was an artform. As always happens there was a split and people went there separate ways. The GJOB's and F&Cers ended up on the British Cars BBS (a.k.a. Zymol BBS to Buzzers due to it's high GJOB content). Salvation to the soon to be Buzzers was to come in the form of a small Jug Eared Freak (JEF) acl'er by the name of Jules Hatton.


Jules created a forum engine unlike any other. Seeking fortune and fame his devised a system whereby web access (Web Using Scum or WUS for short. WUS also became the designation of the Web interface) was only half the story and offline software access (Software Using Scum) allowed slacking the likes of which had never been perceived possible and this system was called Buzzez.

...and for a long while all was good. Popularity of trackdays boomed, Buzzez became the home of all the acl'ers who were slightly odd and were more interesting in driving than polishing. Crashes were plentiful in the early days and SUS often Blamed The Developer (BTD) for it was always his fault. Soon stability of sorts set in only for the wicked ISP on which Buzzez was hosted to go tits up and kill Buzzez where it lay.

The Buzzers lost and alone sought sanctuary only to find it in a remote corner of the BaT server. As BaT was a commercial venture of one of the friends of Buzzez, content which could become a little rowdy was toned down so as not to offend our host. Always known to be a temporary measure Buzzers accepted the passing of the SUS (though mourn it regularly) and enjoyed this transitional state for a few years.

As it was in a state of semi-secrecy (an open forum that is not particularly advertised and links to it are were not the easiest thing to find) and used the same forum engine as BaT it was inevitable that seepage would occur. Buzzers lurking on both forums would accidentally post inappropriate material on the BaT site to the cry of This Is NOT Buzzez! (TINB) from other lurkers. Unfortunately this eventually got to the point where the Buzzers have forced themselves into a self imposed exile from other the other place (refers to BaT when in Buzzez or vice-versa) due to overuse of TINB when indeed the material may indeed be of interest or even lighten the tone of the BaT site.

Indeed most, if not all recent Buzzer additions have discovered it via BaT. Whether it be by artful hacking (really not that difficult when you look at the URL for the forums and how they are numbered), being invited in by another Buzzer (only to be flamed within an to inch of their life. This is normal - more on this later) or to have simply asked for access.

Buzzez is not a fluffy place.

Reading my post you may think that you are ready for Buzzez but you are not. Buzzez is the home of endless pointless arguments to the death, extreme verbal abuse, discussions about kitchen appliances (to the death), horrific eye conditions, etc, etc. Newbies are never welcome and are ritually burnt at the stake as a form of initiation. Survive the flamage and you may be accepted (not that many Buzzers actually are ever accepted, they mostly just fester long enough to become part of the furniture).

We were NOT affiliated with BaT!

Mr Leroux was our host and gave us shelter for a long, long time, way beyond the call of any duty. However one thing that binds us is that many of us attend lots of BaT days and are all very good friends outside Buzzez and BaT. This may make it seem to be a secret society, it is not. It may look like a group of Jonny's friends freeloading, we most certainly are not. We are customers just like all of you. The only difference is that we had to behave ourselves to a degree as our hosting could have been removed at any time if we overstepped the mark (it came close once or twice).

At the time we were tolerated more than anything else. Therefore in the interests of fairness and the need to fully unleash on certain subjects we once again sought a new home.

FTLOG part 1...

Another Buzzez regular, Rod (no acronym), came to the rescue. Rod, a man of many servers, dedicated one to the cause and created TOP (The Other Place). A place that also goes by the name of FTLOG (For The Love of God) much to the annoyance of JEF.

On FTLOG anarchy returned and a small split also occured. Some buzzers stayed on Buzzez which still exists on the BaT server but is fairly desolate. Some, vanished into the ether never to be seen again. Others fully embraced the lack of point to FTLOG and it became a whole new way of slacking.


All still awaited the third age of Buzzez and a return to the old ways, though everyone had also accepted that things will never be as they were in the days of the SUS.

How wrong we were.

Citizens Of FTLOG

With the tearful departure of JEF's long time canadian cohort Spooks, and the destruction of his pikeyfield in a cloud of suspension and bricks, he found himself with time on his hands.  Having practiced world domination with Nationstates, it was time to do it for real.  Sleeves were rolled up, whisky was consumed, and coding began.  This time buzzez would be the core of a much larger global forum, leaving all others in its wake.


In April 2004 the call went out to buzzers around the world - something exciting is happening.  And they came, exiles and regulars, lured on with the promise of a second coming of the SUS.  With much bowing down to gRod FTLOG part 1 was retired, and we went boldly forwards, with our P45's in our hands.

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